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New honorary fellows within aiaeurope.org

Within the chartered territory of the Continental Europe chapter, among the eleven 2011 honorary fellows of the American Institute of Architects, are seven: Rafael Aranda Quiles, Mario Corea, Carme Pigem Barcelo and Ramon Vilalta Pujol — all of Spain — Sheila O'Donnell and John Tuomey, of Ireland and Lene Tranberg of Denmark.




This is a great result, testimony to the strength of European design and architecture. One of the challenges facing the AIA (and our Chapter) is to continue to keep Honorary Fellows involved with the Institute. Ideas?

-- Thomas Vonier FAIA RIBA

By Blogger Thomas, at 26/2/10 21:33  

I think we would ask them to teach us something about their works, I mean let them speak at our conferences and show us how they work, how they reach these results...It could be interesing.
And we can organize some visit to their buildings with them...

By Anonymous Giuliana Barbano Intl.Assoc., at 26/2/10 22:17  

Certainly that we should invite them to events ? especially if we have an event in respective homelands. To that end, perhaps an even can be organized in Spain with a focus on some HFAIA work?

By Blogger Richard Anderson, AIA, at 26/2/10 22:31  

Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp

By Anonymous Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp, at 27/2/10 12:33  

Invite them personally through a letter signed by the current aia ce PRESIDENT to attend the current conference - ie, this time, Istanbul at the AIA member rate and invite them to present a small presentation of their work, if they wish, at our Gala Dinner, with their spouse. In addition, offer to have them do a one hour presentation at any conference venue and or assist in visting their works -ie a mini-conference in their country. Also, publish some information on their projects, a mini-resumke on their work histroy and how they got to where they are....AND finally, but not leasdt, HOW and WHY they were serlected to be AIA Honorary fellows and by whom . the process, sot the process i transparent to all AIA CE memebers, and we all have the opportunity to recommend future candidates. The process of selection appears un-transparent and bit excelusionary. Thank you and congratualations to the winners. Welcome to AIA CE.

By Anonymous Sandra Zettersten, AIA, at 1/3/10 10:13  

@Sandra: ...publish some information on their projects, a mini-[resume] on their work [history] and how they got to where they are...

This is already done; see the links in the original post.

By Blogger Richard Anderson, AIA, at 1/3/10 12:26  

2.51 Qualifications for Honorary Fellowships. An architect of esteemed character and distinguished achievements who is neither a U.S. citizen nor a resident of the United States and who does not primarily practice architecture within the domain of the Institute may be admitted to Honorary Fellowship.
2.52 Rights and Privileges of Honorary Fellows
2.521 Honorary Fellowship Title. An Honorary Fellow may use the title Honorary Fellow, The American Institute of Architects, or the abbreviation Hon. FAIA. Honorary Fellows may not use the initials AIA or FAIA alone.
2.522 Honorary Fellowship Pin and Symbol. An Honorary Fellow may wear the Fellowship lapel pin, but may not use the Institute symbol.
2.523 Honorary Fellowship Medal. An Honorary Fellow may wear the Honorary Fellowship Medal as established by the Board.
2.524 Honorary Fellowship Privileges. An Honorary Fellow may attend the annual conventions of the Institute and may speak and take part in the discussions there and at the meetings of its component organizations and the College of Fellows on all matters except those relating to the corporate affairs, but may not vote.
2.53 Nomination and Election of Honorary Fellows. Any member of the Institute may nominate qualified individuals for Honorary Fellowship. Individuals shall be elected to Honorary Fellowship in the manner determined by the Board in the Rules of the Board.
2.54 Termination of Honorary Fellows. The Board, by a two-thirds majority vote, may terminate the membership and withdraw the privileges of any Honorary Fellow, for any reason it may deem sufficient.

Rules of the Board
2.41 Delegation. The Board delegates exclusive authority to elect Honorary Fellows to the Jury for Honorary Fellows, which shall consist of the members of the Jury of Fellows plus two additional jurors selected with the advice of the steering committee of the International Committee.
2.42 Limitations. There shall be no limit on the number of Honorary Fellows who may be admitted in any one calendar year.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/3/10 17:45  

Your suggestion of an invite to a conference is suitable, and a nice acknowledgement from the local chapter. Could be done anyway - nothing venture nothing gain.
If that was not sufficient inducement for a busy architect, I was wondering if a location where they had a project would work. O'Donnell and Toumey (they are a husband and wife practice) have a project in London, and have done work in Holland. The difficulty is getting a big enough audience if not at a conference.

O'D and T are good speakers and have given really interesting lectures here in Dublin (I'm a fan of their projects.) John Toumey lectures at GSD in Harvard, so ironically the Massachusetts chapter would have a good chance of a lecture!

By Anonymous Helen Giblin, at 1/3/10 18:26  

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